Set in a Southeast Asian city, the story follows a group of commuters on the last subway train home; only to have the train veer off-course and crash into an abandoned tunnel. Stalked by an unknown monster, the remaining commuters - Yi Ling, a withdrawn mother guilt-ridden by her trauma in a car accident that killed her husband and nearly that of Lucas, her son; and Janice, a student dealing with an estranged relationship with her father - must escape and survive the night. When Lucas is taken by the monster, Yi Ling’s maternal instinct is once again tested. Back in the subway control headquarters, duty engineers try to make sense of the situation and rescue the survivors, if there are any.

Executive Producers
Tang Chi Sim · Melvin Ang · Abdul Rashid
Produced by
Juan Foo · Toong Soo Wei · Kent Chan
Story by
Tang Chi Sim · Ngin Chiang Meng · Juan Foo · JD Chua
Screenplay by
Ngin Chiang Meng · Siew Pek Chye · Allan Ho
Directed by
JD Chua
Jesseca Liu · Peter Yu · Andie Chen · Patrick Pei-hsu Lee · Alan Tan · Johnny Ng · Nathaniel Ng · Ashley Seow
Circle Line NFT & VR in Omens Multiverse
Circle Line in the Omens Multiverse

Taipan Films and Omens Studios have inked a partnership to develop Circle Line into a Web3 VR Experience on the Omens Multiverse program. It comprises a NFT collection with claimable benefits in a tokengated members site as well as a VR game planned for 2024.

By Team News
DECEMBER 1, 2022
First Look: The Uniquely Singaporean Monster Movie "Circle Line"

The Asia Film & TV Market (ATF) gets a brief but tantalizing glance at Singapore’s first movie monster as the filmmakers behind the 2020 release Circle Line screened a short behind-the-scenes feature.

By Mathew Scott
DECEMBER 6, 2019
JD Chua and Juan Foo on Singapore's First Creature Feature "Circle Line"

Bryan Abrams interviews director JD Chua and producer Juan Foo on Circle Line and what it's like making films in Singapore.

By Bryan Abrams
June 15, 2020